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I specialize in


·         information technology,

·         electrical engineering,

·         military documentation, and

·         research papers.


Postfach 12 05 05                    190 Park Dr.

40605 Düsseldorf                    Berlin CT  06037


Telephone  +49 (0) 2 11-29 40 67

                                +01 (860) 828-0289

             Cell            +49 (0) 1 60-27 59 95 7


Welcome to MeaningFlow Translation. My name is Richard Bartholomew. 


In November 2006, after nearly twenty-five years as a software engineer specializing in scientific and engineering applications, I decided to pursue an alternate career in technical translation. The plan was to combine my passion for language with a deep knowledge of software engineering and American corporate culture to produce high quality translations.


In February 2007, I moved to Germany to improve my knowledge of the language. Düsseldorf offered me the best opportunity to come into direct contact with clients and to build personal relationships. Eight months after I arrived in the city, I founded MeaningFlow Translation.






Please see my Proz profile and my Wikipedia contributions. You can use the public encryption key listed at either of the following Web sites to e-mail me encrypted messages:


·         MIT PGP key server

·         SKS key server


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